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Telemetry Policy

Website Usage Measurement of the web interface and Pronto Xi. Pronto Software uses Google Universal Analytics to capture telemetry data about how users interact with the web interface and Pronto Xi. Google Universal Analytics captures this data through the use of cookies. The telemetry data we collect is to help us understand how users interact with Pronto Xi, which applications and screens they use the most and which actions within the interface they use most often. We will use this collected data as input to guide our development efforts and improve the user experience. We only capture data about interactions with the Pronto Xi applications and not the actual business data that users enter. No personally identifiable information is captured.

Welcome to Pronto Xi Web Server 3.3

This release provides major improvements to both the Web Interface and Pronto Connect.

The Web Interface has a fresh look and feel and includes a range of enhancements to provide the best possible Pronto Xi user experience. With expanded platform support and an adaptive web-based user interface, Pronto Xi is more accessible than ever from mobile devices.

Pronto Connect delivers enhanced API performance. Real-time demand-based throttling of system resources to API programs ensures that resources are utilised where they are needed the most.

Pronto Xi Web Server 3.3 is compatible with Pronto Xi 730 and later releases.

Major New Functionality 

The following major features have been added to the Web Interface:

  • Fresh look and feel

  • Adaptive user interface

  • Expanded library of UI controls

  • Numerous user experience improvements

  • Support for responsive 4GL features, including screen sections, screen groups and field groups

  • Expanded platform support, including iOS and Android devices

  • Expanded web browser support, including Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari

The following major features have been added to Pronto Connect:

  • Real-time demand-based throttling of system resources to API programs

  • Logging improvements including enhanced structure and control

  • Numerous security enhancements have been added

Enhancements in v3.3

The following enhancements were made in Pronto Xi Web Server 3.3:

  • Performance of Pronto Connect APIs has been improved

  • Logging is now optimised to be asynchronous, and stdout logger is included as a reference: The Pronto Xi Web Server 3.3 installation will override application-logger.xml - any customisations done to this file will need to be re-applied

  • Enhanced logging provides more client context when an error occurs

  • Expanded the width of data grids on screens that contain both a data grid and other UI elements

  • Added support for web resource fallbacks, to handle legacy "prontoworkspace" and "prontosearch" API resources

  • Updated default CSP rules to handle recent changes to Google Charts, for example as used in Maintain Forecast (FCS.M017)

Bug fixes in v3.3

The following issues were fixed in Pronto Xi Web Server 3.3:

  • Error handling has been improved for keystore password errors

  • When closing a Workspace using the 'X' icon, prompt user to save their changes

  • Fixed an error that occurred when the date picker was loaded with an invalid date

  • Resolved an issue with the date picker leaving behind a sheath after it has been closed

  • Improved handling of external URLs, for example when launching an Authorisation window to configure export to Microsoft Office 365 or Google Sheets

  • Fixed an error that occurred when uploading files, for example when importing invoices from a spreadsheet

  • Fixed an issue with data grid lines not appearing in Menu Item Trigger Point Maintenance (SYS.M393)

  • The data grid was obstructed on the Kit Changes screen

  • Improved alignment of icons on Workspace widgets

  • Fixed truncation of radio button text in some screens such as Project Maintenance (PROJ.M117)

  • Fixed an issue whereby a drillback URL did not load the correct dataset

  • Resolved an issue with the size and alignment of inline backpanes

  • Fixed an error that occurred when a user runs a module function that they are denied access to

  • Fixed an issue with the release menu not being displayed at the end of a Consignment Warehouse Release

  • Pasting data into Chart of Accounts Maintenance (GL.M008) from Excel was not working

  • Improved Report Viewer handling of expandable sections

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Keyboard macros are not supported

  • Dual screen Point of Sale is not supported

  • Copy to clipboard is not supported on data grids

Photo by MontyLov on Unsplash